Plus the scientific reason for “old-person smell,” a brief history of exploding whales, and pro tips for your skin and metabolism. Cracked

42 crazy (but convincing!) fan theories on pop culture ranging from Stanley Kubrick movies to Disney and Super Mario Bros. to RoboCop. Get ready to get paranoid and have your mind blown! – [Cracked]


Video of 20 comedians who could take over “The Colbert Report”— including the beautiful, amazing, and (please, please let it be her) hilarious Samantha Bee! – [Crushable]


There is a real answer to this question: What causes “old-people smell”? Let’s try to be cool about it, because if we’re lucky, one day we’ll be old too! – [YouBeauty]

The Zoe Report

Get the effects of a mini facelift without injections or surgery — by zapping yourself in the face with electricity! No joke, the new treatments are available at spas across the country, but you can also DIY by using a newly FDA-approved device. – [The Zoe Report]


Facebook announced a bold move that could make it the “Google of mobile apps.” One of the features includes the ability to log in to third-party apps with some level of anonymity. – [Quartz]

Sports Illustrated

Oprah and some high-profile friends are the latest celebs to mention possibly buying the Clippers. Rally celebs, rally! – [Sports Illustrated]

Men’s Health

Break these four bad habits that are slowing down your metabolism. – [Men’s Health]

The Atlantic

A brief history of exploding whales. – [The Atlantic]

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