Plus the Tetris diet, one major first-impression mistake you could be making, and Dennis Rodman chats about his adventures in North Korea. College Humor

10 people who’s love for Taco Bell is…well, it’s stronger than their love for seeming sane. Sometimes, though, you just gotta do you. – [College Humor]


Dennis Rodman gives his first interview about his relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and their super casual conversations about basketball, Jimi Hendrix, and the North Korean nuclear arsenal. – [DuJour]

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No joke—playing ‘Tetris’ reduces the strength, frequency and vividness of naturally occurring food cravings. Turn it into your secret dieting weapon! – [Discover]

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Data scientist Matt Daniels used “Rap Genius” data—current as of 2012—to compare the vocabularies of artists like Jay Z, GZA, and Kanye to that of Shakespeare. You have to at least get a good look at the graph! – [The Atlantic]

[Harvard Business Review]

Thinking of stress as “functional and adaptive” rather than a signal of a “threat” can drastically change your moods and productivity. It’s not easy to do, but if you can train yourself to adapt, you’ll be a total baller! – [Harvard Business Review]


First impressions matter, and this one trait could be ruining yours! – [Refinery29]

Sony creates a cassette that can hold 64,750,000 songs. Because…we’re not sure. – []


100-year-old how-to books that are still pretty useful—tips for making cocktails, hypnotism, hunting, and making shoes. – [mental_floss]

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