Reddit user longjohnsilvaa posted the above photo yesterday with the caption: “This is what happens to a basketball court when the pipes burst”.

The photo reached the top spot on the front page yesterday and has already been viewed a staggering 3.2 million times. Unfortunately he didn’t specify the exact location of the gym but you got to be impressed by the guy at the top right of the photo who remains undeterred and continues to practice his jump shot.

In the comment section on reddit, a plumber chimed in with his thoughts on what happened:

HI, plumber here. this is what we call an under respiratory fracture. Essentially the pipes that control the pressure for the whole school broke, and released all the pressure right under the court. I don’t know why the floor moved in this way, but I don’t work with wood so I can’t comment on that. [source]

Astute Simpsons fans may recall this happening at Springfield Elementary. Obligatory video clip and image below.

[reddit via Bleacher Report]


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