Dan Porter, a former school teacher turned serial entrepreneur, knows a thing or two about what it takes to create a successful business.

The creator of 2013’s smash-hit iPhone game Draw Something (which was acquired by Zynga for around $200 million the same year), Porter is back with a new project he hopes will turn the social networking world on its head.

The app is called Tally, and from the outside, it looks like a mix between Reddit and Twitter with a bit of Tumblr and Snapchat’s “drawing” feature sprinkled in, but it’s much more than that.

With Tally, you post photos and thoughts, and users are encouraged to comment and “up-vote” on the things they like.

Interestingly enough, the focus is less on you (the user), and more on the content.

This notion has led Porter to dub his app, “The Anti-Social Network.”

Tally removes the “gamification” of traditional social networks where racking up a bunch of likes and follows is almost more important than what you actually share.


Porter realizes that online, one of the most effective ways to express ourselves is through sharing. But we’ve become obsessed with likes and follows instead of the actual content. This realization was his motivation behind creating Tally.

Tally is a place where users can enjoy a new type of social interaction.

Tally is mobile-centric, and using the app is perfect for when you have a free minute (or 10) and want to pass time discovering news, checking out photos from around the world, laughing at jokes or even just replaying gifs.

Porter wants Tally to become a place where everyone can share something that will be noticed by a larger community, regardless of whether you have one follower or 10,000,000.

That’s why every post has a hashtag; you can simply enter into a feed of information and discover new things.

Porter says he wanted to “create an environment where you can find people who are into what you’re into.”

I’ve been using Tally for about a week now, and I enjoy posting funny things I find all around the Internet. Normally, I’d send these short, funny things to my friends but it’s difficult to gauge if the receiver will enjoy me constantly sending them things throughout the day.

With Tally, I no longer have to worry about that.

Porter hopes Tally will attract people (especially Millennials) who are bored or fed up with the “social status” competition of the Instagrams and Twitters of the world.

Tally is available for free on iPhone, and an Android version is expected to make a debut soon.

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