1. FIRST: Press play to listen to the hit Montell Jordan song (and maybe even rewatch that classic 1995 music video).

2. NEXT: Watch GIFs of everyone on the Internet singing and dancing to “This Is How We Do It.”

Listen to the Glee version here.

Listen to the real-life glee-club version here.

Watch these homemade instructions for how to do Montell’s dance from the music video here.

Listen to some excited, earnest “This Is How We Do It” karaoke here.

This Is How We Celebrate "This Is How We Do It"

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Listen to this older gentleman’s Lynchian homemade karaoke here.

It’s a playable jam in Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360 Kinect…

…which these dudes can’t get enough of.

Don’t forget about these Instagrammy-looking YouTubers

…and then there’s always the fresh sound of Montell’s 1995 Def College Jam Spring Break Remix. Watch it here.

19. THEN: Unironically wish Mr. Jordan a Happy 44th Birthday on Twitter (@MontellJordan).

He’s active on Twitter these days, and he may even Tweet you back! Then you could tell people about it!

20. ONCE YOU’RE THERE: School yourself on some “This Is How We Do It” trivia, straight from the source.

That’s right: Montell was tweeting about “This Is How We Do It” as recently as Friday!

21. FINALLY: What, you were only going to listen to it one time?

Calling it quits on this song after a single play? That’s just simply not how we do it.

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